Formations du CISI de Londres 100% à distance

  • Le CISI est l’organe professionnel le plus reconnu et le plus largement respecté par les professionnels de l’industrie des services financiers à Londres et dans les différentes places financières internationales. Chaque année, plus de 40.000 examens CISI sont passés dans plus de 68 pays par des professionnels évoluant dans 92% des plus grandes banques au monde.
  • Les formations du CISI que nous vous proposons peuvent être mises en œuvre 100% à distance.

                            Integrity Matters Test

IntegrityMatters is an online integrity test designed to highlight dilemmas practitioners may face at work. This unique elearning tool developed by the CISI highlights the importance of integrity and enables users to test their ability to make ethical decisions in the workplace. IntegrityMatters consists of a workshop and test designed to make users aware of the need to act with integrity when making decisions in the workplace.

Over 45,000 professionals have now taken the IntegrityMatters test and passing it is a requirement for all members wishing to become personally Chartered.

                           Fundamentals of Financial Services

Fundamentals of Financial Services is an important first step in developing the essential basic knowledge required for working in financial services.

Key features:

  • Prepare for a career in finance – the qualification provides an overview of the professional sector
  • Accessible –  there are no entry requirements and the exam is open to all levels
  • Offers a progressive study pathway – successful candidates are encouraged to progress to the CISI’s Foundation Qualification – Introduction to Investment
  • Available in Arabic, English, French, Spanish and Russian

                          Green Finance Certificate

Managing climate-related risks and supporting the transition to a low-carbon world are our most significant global challenges. Achieving these requires the combined efforts of global bodies, national governments and the financial services sector, putting sustainability and stewardship at the heart of finance.

Key features:

  • The World Economic Forum estimates that by 2020, $5.7 trillion will need to be invested annually in green infrastructure, much of which will be in today’s developing world;
  • The green bond market has grown to over $100 billion of annual issuance, now including sovereign bonds.

                         Global Financial Compliance


Global Financial Compliance will provide you with a broad understanding of the compliance issues that arise within the financial services sector. The qualification addresses techniques used to implement a successful compliance function in a bank and provides a comprehensive introduction to all the issues a global Compliance Officer may encounter. It explores the international regulatory environment, managing the risk of financial crime, governance, risk management, ethics, integrity and fairness. 

                         Combating Financial Crime


Combating Financial Crime, developed in collaboration with QCo, provides a global view of transnational crime. It illustrates practical defences, includes the Bribery Act (2010) and focuses on how laws, regulations and best practice continue to evolve across the entire spectrum of associated activities. It covers the background and nature of financial crime, money laundering, terrorist financing, and corruption; combating financial crime, bribery and the role of the private sector.

                         Risk in Financial Services 


Risk in Financial Services offers a comprehensive global introduction to the major risk areas in financial services. It addresses international issues, reflecting the needs of a worldwide market, and provides a sound grounding in the principles of the risk management framework, corporate governance and risk oversight. It covers specific techniques used in identifying, reducing and managing operational risk, credit risk, market risk, investment risk and liquidity risk.

                        Capital Markets Programme


The Capital Markets Programme offers a study pathway for practitioners in the capital markets wholesale sector. The programme offers flexibility as you can choose units of study covering Securities, Derivatives and Financial Derivatives.  The programme was developed with representatives from leading global financial services organisations, both capital markets, wholesale and retail and with input from AFME, WMA, AIC, FOA and accredited training providers to meet the needs of the constantly changing landscape of the profession.

                        The Islamic Finance Qualification (IFQ)


The Islamic Finance Qualification (IFQ) expands upon knowledge gained from Fundamentals of Islamic Banking and Finance. It is a global qualification that covers Islamic finance from both a technical and a Shariah perspective, providing the first international benchmark in the area of Islamic finance.  It provides an understanding of the influence of Shariah in a business context and prepares candidates to hold key positions in the Islamic finance and takaful (Islamic insurance) industries.